Unboxed Boxed
HatchUnboxed HatchBoxed
Location Link's Logic
Cost $830 Money
Type Logic
Usage Hidden opening/wiring
In-game Description
"It opens, it closes."

The Hatch is an item found at Link's Logic. The Hatch was first seen in the Taiga Biome as an entrance to the Den where the Rukiryaxe is summoned. The hatch can help with making automatic wood sorters, gates, traps, doors, and many other contraptions.

The Hatch can be toggled manually by the player or by a signal from either a button, pressure plate, or a lever and can be used to make the door open. It can also be delayed, or sustained by a Signal Delay or Signal Sustain. If used with a button, it will open for a short duration before closing. However, if it is toggled with a lever, the hatch will remain open until the lever is toggled again.

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