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Hazards of Lumberland are not very common but here are a list of things you need to avoid or dodge. Take caution with every obstacle.



The ocean

Ocean water: Ocean water is a dangerous hazard that slowly drowns you, it is too deep to swim in and it is opaque, one of the more dangerous hazards if you have bad driving, you also won't be able to get your car back up onto land unless using the Sand Dock or tropic's beach.


Cliffs: Rocks and Cliffs are obstacles that can flip your vehicle or/and fling wood out of your trailers if you drive off of them, they can easily be mistaken for flat ground from a certain angle. They are found in the rocky areas of the map.

Trees (when driving): Trees can get caught under your tires when knocked down, thus removing vehicular mobility. A head on collision with a planted tree can make your car flip or/and send objects out of your car.



An example of a player

Players: They are commonly victimized, they are able to trick or scam you in Lumberland. Players are hazards because they can head on collide with you and send your car into a glitch-roll, it happens especially when you have trailers. They might also sit in your car until it is flipped especially if there are objects in the car if you didn't whitelist them. They can trick you into paying them money for things and not giving you what you payed for. They can even put items in the back of your truck to flip it when you move or get it stuck. Lastly, ask for you to whitelist them so they can steal your possesions. Be alert for any suspicious players. Just remember not all players are "bad."

(See Notable Scammers)

Volcano Obstacle

In this kind of obstacle, there are 3 things, heat, lava, and boulders.


Heat: Heat is found in the volcano. You slowly lose health once you enter the obstacle. Many players die from the heat if they stay inside for too long. If you die, you will lose all of your axes you have on and will need to respawn another vehicle. Heat can be easily noticed as the red particles rising upwards. Due to heat, it is also suggested that you leave any trailers at the bottom of the Volcano Obstacle, as they can prevent you from getting all the way up thanks to weight. This can lead to you dying from heat, as you will be stuck in the middle of the Obstacle.

Lava: Lava is a very important factor of the Volcano Obstacle. It makes up nearly the whole volcano, and you have to be careful to avoid it. If your vehicle is struck by a boulder, there is a very possible chance that your car could fall into the lava, you would then be respawned, leaving your axes in the lava, not reachable. Also, you would lose your vehicle as well and would need to respawn it.



Boulders: Boulders don't do any initial damage to you, these come up in random patterns when they burst out. They assist heat by stopping your car dead in its tracks allowing the heat to take off some more damage by the time you get out of the boulders way. They also have a good chance of knocking you back, also inducing your car to the chance of flipping. They build up in very large numbers and they continue to fall, so it is advised to take caution.

(See Volcano Obstacle)

Across Lumberland

Explodable objects: Explodable Objects are objects that must be blown up with dynamite to move. They aren't much of a hazard but they are a definite obstacle to get by. They block off areas and because they cannot removed without dynamite, they create an annoying obstacle to come by.

Rock wall

A rock wall

Dynamite: The dynamite is an explosive in the game, why it may be useful for breaking rock walls or blowing up trees. It is also a hazard, and its explosion does damage depending on how close you are to the bomb. Dying from it could easily result in a loss of an axe or a vehicle can flip or send your wood out of the car, (there was once a glitch where the player could duplicate tools with the Dynamite).


Bridge timing: The bridge has a timer implemented into it, after 3 minutes the bridge will rise up and any unlucky drivers on it will have a chance to flip their car and any objects in the back will fall out if they drive off.


A bridge that has lifted

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