Jenny is the owner of Boxed Cars, a store located in front of Fancy Furnishings, at the Safari Square.

Jenny has a friendly attitude and dialogue, same with Thom and Corey. It is speculated that Jenny oversleeps, which is the reason of her store, Boxed Cars, to open later than Fancy Furnishings and Link's Logic.


Jenny wears a Purple Banded Top Hat, a Cat shirt, and Dark Blue Jeans. She also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, and Black and Red hair.


"Find anything you like and put it on the counter!"

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item price) Money?"
    • If player picks "Yes" with sufficient Money for the item price: "Thank you!"
    • If player picks "Yes" with insufficient Money for the item price: "You don't have enough money you punk!"
    • "No": "Sorry m8"
    • If the item disappears/falls down the counter when buying: "Oops, did your item fall off the counter?"