Koa Wood is a large variant of wood found exclusively within the Tropics. It is mostly used to fill in blueprints, rather than to sell it, as it is not a profit-making source, and has a unique color.


Koa Wood grows very similar to an elm tree but slightly smaller in size. Its exterior sports a pastel-brown coloration, while the interior sports a bright-brown color, which is brighter than Walnut Wood.

Its logs are also one of the higher monetary-valued logs, and its planks sell slightly lower than the monetary value of Lava Wood.

It has massive, rectangular cubic leaves, with alternating colors of light-green and dark-green. It mostly covers the upper logs of the tree and makes it look visually taller because of the massive size of the leaves.


Harvesting Koa Wood is costly and takes up a lot of time. First, one must go to the Tropics by taking a ride on the Ferry by paying Hoover $400 Money for a ticket. In the Tropics, an abundance of the wood can be spotted.

A Rukiryaxe or better is recommended for efficient chopping. Most players tend to the put the whole tree on the Ferry, and later chop it up at the Main Biome. A Sawmax 01 or better is recommended as the wood is very large for other sawmills to mill.

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