Sold Sign

Example of the Land Sign.

Land, or Base, is where players can place their items, structures, vehicles, and blueprints. There are 7 plots in game, and these plots of land are only located in the Main Biome. Each plot of land is 40 x 40 Units, forming a 200x200 square grid when all plots are bought.

Players can purchase their first plot of land at the Yes! – it's the Land Store for 100 in-game Money. Their new plot of land comes with a Land Sign which players can remove and sell at the Wood Dropoff for $400 Money or use it for decoration. Afterwards, they can then expand their land, starting at $3,000 Money, then increasing by $3,000 after each purchase.

Land is loaded through loading in one of the save slots in the Load section of the Menu. To load a base, do the following as said on the top. To save, the game will automatically save one's progress by enabling one's save slot.

Only 4 save slots are allowed to a player, which means a player can only have 4 Lands at a time.

If a player is blacklisted by another player, he/she won't be able to approach the player's land who blacklisted the player. If they are whitelisted, they will have access to perform any actions on your base. This means they can also perform what the land owner can do, such as moving blueprints, opening doors, powering wires, and also negatively, steal the owner's items.

As said earlier, there are only 7 land plots available in a server, but sometimes, a server will exceed its max player limit, which is a glitch. There have been reports of players being in a server one more above the player limit, this happens when 2 players join the same server at once, so Defaultio added an extra land slot presumably in order to have one reserved slot for the 7th player on the server.

Land Costs
1st: $100 Money 2nd: $3,000 Money 3rd: $6,000 Money 4th: $9,000 Money 5th: $12,000 Money
6th: $15,000 Money 7th: $18,000 Money 8th: $21,000 Money 9th: $24,000 Money 10th: $27,000 Money
11th: $30,000 Money 12th: $33,000 Money 13th: $36,000 Money 14th: $39,000 Money 15th: $42,000 Money
16th: $45,000 Money 17th: $48,000 Money 18th: $51,000 Money 19th: $54,000 Money 20th: $57,000 Money
21th: $60,000 Money 22th: $63,000 Money 23th: $66,000 Money 24th: $69,000 Money 25th: $72,000 Money

The total cost of 25 (the maximum amount of) land upgrades costs $900,100.

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