Land, commonly known as Base, is where players can place their items, structures, vehicles, and blueprints, when bought from Yes! – it's the Land Store.

When the first plot of Land is bought, the player will be given a special cutscene where it shows unique particles and plays a sound effect, and the Land Sign. A cutscene will also be given to the player when he/she upgraded his/her Land, with the same particles and sound effect.

To load Land, one must go to the Menu first, then click on the Load tab, then pick the desired save slot to load. The player must then pick one out of the nine plots of Land available in the Main Biome, and confirm it. To save Land, one must go to the Load tab again and pick one of the save slots.


A plot of Land is a brown, concrete 40x40 unit square. When all plots are bought, a 200x200 unit square will be formed.

When the player has Easy Building, the plots will appear greenish.


A glitch where Land can be bought without spending any Money was present before and was abused by many players. The game creator, Defaultio, has now fixed this glitch.

A glitch most likely to occur at a public server is when a player is on the special cutscene buying or upgrading a new plot of Land. The brown particles and sound will still be present in the game after the player who left the game left.