Lava Trail
Type Anomaly; Volcano Interior Inline
Location Underground Grove; Volcano
Club Diver by Kevin Macleod
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown

The Lava Trail, also known as Lava Ravine or Magma trail, is a hidden anomaly deep within the Underground Grove and is the inline trail of the Volcano.

This location is considered the most dangerous out of all in Lumber Tycoon 2, as there is no way out, it is a narrow path, the player will receive heat damage, subsequently needing to leave the game or reset.

This is one out of two locations where the player can access the Green Box; the other being the Lava Cavern. This place is of no significance; it is merely the result of the vertical walls of the volcano being wider than the sloped angles. The trail doesn't go in a complete circle; it stops at a complete dead end with a brown wall (the same one of the other side in the Grove), with a small ramp going upward. 



The trails far left wall, leading to the dead end.


The dead end of the trail


The first turn of the Lava Trail, right after passing up the hole to the Green Box.


The hole leading down into the Green Box, with a player sitting down in the corner.

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