Lava Wood is the only variant of wood to grow at the peak of the Volcano. It is arguably the main source of all Money making in the game, besides Phantom Wood and Gold Wood.

An axe specialized for this type of wood is the Fire Axe, which when used to chop other trees apart from this wood, will not be as efficient as its specialty


Lava Wood appears to be a thick and large variant of wood similar to Elm Wood, Koa Wood, and Walnut Wood. This tree grows with a few brown, concrete leaves and sports a Bright Red color bark with a Really Red interior color. The majority of the tree has fairly wide logs. Sometimes, the base will not fit into the Sawmax 02 or Sawmax 02L, and the trunks usually require cutting with an axe better than the Silver Axe, or a Chop Saw.

The trees also grow at awkward angles comparable to Spook Wood and Cavecrawler Wood.


Lava Trees can be reached by the player once they successfully pass through the Volcano Obstacle. After passing it, they can harvest the wood. It is typical for most players to drop the wood off of the nearest flank of the volcano, although if the player wishes to exit the volcano using the obstacle, they must be cautious for boulder clumping at the entrance and overspending, possibly resulting in pitching into the lava.When only interested in gathering minuscule amounts of Lava Wood, one should use the basic utility vehicle to get up the volcano due to it being the fastest.

Lava Wood is one of the more difficult types of woods to cut and transport. Included in the 2015 Christmas gifts, players were also able to obtain the Fire Axe, which is specialized for Lava Wood. It can cut a typical Lava Tree in 9 swings on average. It is also recommended to use a Val's All-Purpose Hauler pulling a 531 Hauler (or multiple Small Trailers) for more capacity.

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