Unboxed Boxed
Unboxed Lever Lever
Location Wood R Us
Cost $520 Money
Type Power Source
Usage Powers structures' buttons remotely
In-game Description
"Use a wire to connect this lever to another button or switch to operate it remotely."

The Lever is a power source that can power structures' buttons remotely, when activated. It can be purchased from Wood R Us or Link's Logic for $520 Money.


It can be toggled on and off by clicking the "Toggle Lever" pop-up, or by pressing the "E" button. When toggled on, it will continuously power the button or wire connected to it. All types of wires can be connected at its button located on the front to connect it to another button at a distance.


The lever sports an orange and grey handle, and has a dark-grey base. Its button is black when not activated, and blue if activated.

Its box matches its unboxed size and has a greyish-blue color, and a picture of its decal on the box's front face.