Unboxed Boxed
Lightbulb Lightbubleface
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $2,600 Money
Type Loose Item
Usage Rukiryaxe Quest Item and End Times Axe quest
In-game Description
"How many game developers does it take to scr"

The Lightbulb is a loose item obtained from Fancy Furnishings for $2,600 Money, which is located in the Safari Biome. It's an item used for the Rukiryaxe quest and the limited time End Times Axe quest.

The item is located in the Safari Biome Shopping District. The player must go to Fancy Furnishings. The player must enter Fancy Furnishings and go to the far back left corner, located near the Wall Lights and Floodlights, the player will see the lone box. This item is bought for $2,600 money but used to cost $920 money during Alpha Testing stage.This has been changed to make the Rukiryaxe quest more difficult and expensive, and also because dupers have made many dupes of it.

This item does not have any use other than using it for the Rukiryaxe quest or for decoration. It gives off no glow, and it's a loose item. It's pretty expensive for a loose object.

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