Load is widely considered to be the most crucial part of the Menu. It is located in the top left-hand corner when the Menu is opened.


Load Progress GUI with 6 slots

Once opened, the player will then have the option of selecting one of six save slots. Once one of the save slots is clicked, the player will be given the option to overwrite the save slot or load it. Once loaded, every 60 seconds the player can go back to the menu and reload the save slot to manually save.

It is said in the statement on the choosing window that automatic saving will only occur on the save slot you loaded and unloaded (exit). Logs will not save, but planks, structures, loose items, vehicle spots, wires, and tools will save.

Reloading slots is also a way to move the player's land slots to the desired location or to claim something that you have recently bought (i.e. Pink Cars, Gifts, etc.)


Message when opening a slot

When players choose one of the six slots in the load menu, a tiny window will pop up with some info about the slot. The "last save" section informs players about when this slot was last loaded in.

Data size is about how much game space your base takes up. The more items or Blueprints you have, the larger the data size is. A load with a larger data size will take longer to load, and it can also cause server lag.


Loads are one of the buggiest things in the game. Roblox maintenance, being idle, and disconnection are just a few of the reasons that can cause slots to get deleted. If for any reason you leave the game while your base is loading or unloading, there is a high probability that your save will be erased.