Lumber Tycoon is the first game in the Lumber Tycoon series.

Unlike Lumber Tycoon 2, this game is much less open-ended. However, the premise is the same. Chop down trees to get logs, turn the logs into planks, and sell them for Money to upgrade your vehicle, house, and sawmills. The game has a vip t-shirt which gives you 1,800 in-game cash and a bigsaw. This shirt is available, if you wear it, it works. 
Vip shirt

The VIP shirt


The sawmill in game starts off very slow and only produced one plank per log. However, you can upgrade it to give you up to 5 logs and be very fast. You can buy up to 4 sawmills in the game. The capacity of the sawmill was one log at a time and 15 planks in the collection area.


A sawmill in Lumber Tycoon.


Lumber Tycoon has 1 type of tree in 4 different sizes. They come small, medium, large, and huge. Small trees have 20 points, medium trees have 95 points, large trees have 190 points, and huge trees have 9,000. Also, small trees give 1 log, medium trees give 3 logs, large trees give 5 logs and huge trees give over 100.


A player next to a huge tree for scale.


The map in Lumber Tycoon is very small compared to the map of Lumber Tycoon 2. The map has, from back to front, a forest containing small, medium and large trees, 6 tycoon plots, a path that goes all the way around the map, 4 huge trees, and a Home Depot where players can buy and sell logs, planks, and axes.


The map of Lumber Tycoon.


The game has 3 axes, the normal axe, the chainsaw, and the bigsaw. The axe does 2 points of damage, the chainsaw does 5, and the bigsaw does 10.

RobloxScreenShot06232016 141923204

The axe

RobloxScreenShot06232016 141956205

The chainsaw

RobloxScreenShot06232016 142104779

The bigsaw


The axes in the game.


Your land has many upgrades, some of these upgrade your house. when you have bought all upgrades, your house is complete.

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