Maze Characters are NPC characters featured in The Maze, which are "lost" inside the Maze. Mysterious things have been found in the maze, but no more mysterious than the NPC's. This article is to help clarify and select which character you have found, and help you get more details about them.


Geck is an NPC character featured close to the Cavecrawler Cavern in The Maze. His appearance is a green hoodie, a brown beard, and gray jeans. He seems as if he got lost in The Maze and is trying to find his way back to his "Boat Shop". Like Slam, Geck was most likely named after his Modeler, Geckoco. This NPC is the most known out of all of them currently because of his dialogue.

Dialogue: "I know my boat shop is down here somewhere . . ."

Modeled by: Geckoco


Joel is an NPC character featured to the left side of The Maze. Similar to Geck, seems very casual-looking. His appearance is of a black T-shirt and black jeans. He has dark-brown skin and seems to be strangely happy-looking. His purpose is most likely to warn players of getting lost and not finding their way out, because of his dialogue.

Dialogue: "Watch out fellow person, some say people lose their souls in these caverns."

Modeled by: OfChrist


Slam is an NPC character featured to the left side of the entrance of The Maze. His appearance is of a white T-Shirt with a black jacket, black tattered jeans, and a backpack strapped to him. He also has brown hair. Like Geck, Slam was most likely named after his modeler, Faceslam8025.

Slam's purpose is unknown and very spooky to many players because he faces the end of a long corridor in The Maze. Most speculate that he is deranged, or that he will serve a terrifying purpose in the future.

Dialogue: "Heh Heh..."

Modeled by: Faceslam8025


Timothy is currently the only shop-owner featured in The Maze. He owns Fine Arts Shop. His appearance is a French artist, a black tie, a black and white shirt, a black cap, a monocle, a mustache, and tan jeans. He's very casual looking and very polite store-owner.

It's unknown as to why Timothy set up his shop in The Maze.

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