Maze Ledge
Type Outline; Anomaly
Location Around The Maze
Music Unknown
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown
Please upload a map!

The Maze Ledge is a very large expanse of rock which narrows into a ledge around The Maze. It should be considered a terrain bug, however, due to its accessibility to the exterior of the Cavecrawler Cavern and Safari Hole, this might lead to another way to access the Cavern.


This area has been here for some time now, yet nothing has come of it except void and merely rocks. The outline is shaped oddly, which makes it speculated as to why it expanded in an update.

It's below and above The Maze in different areas. It also should be noted that the outline goes in a complete circle around The Maze, making it a ring. Although, nobody has gone to the other side yet because most of it is inaccessible for player contact and is extremely hard to get to the accessible part of the other side. Its shape is very similar to that of the Swamp Grotto in as they both circle around their semi-biome and has a large plateau area in it.

Accessing the Ledge

The Maze Ledge can be accessed by two ways, either access it through the roof of The Maze, located in the Tropics Biome, in which a player will need to make a deep drop down into the ledge, which is extremely risky, due to the possibility of dying. The player can also access it by doing wall teleporting near the entrance.

There is an area at the top right of the picture below (The birds-eye view of the ledge) that is accessible to players, yet unexplored. Although it is very difficult to get to this area as it can only be accessed if you are good at planking. You cannot access it by bringing down a long plank as when you prop it against the cliff, as it would slide off into the void.


Maze Wall

The Ledge Wall, right beneath the entrance to The Maze


The entire Ledge from a birds-eye view

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