Merely, one of the Bridge operators, is located in one of the Bridge Booths  in the Safari. He is based on the ROBLOX administrator, Merely. His only scripted components are his dialogue, and nothing else.

His brother in real life, Seranok, works at the other booth in the Main Biome.


Merely wears a Domino Crown, and a Domino Crown Suit and Domino Crown Pants. He also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, and the Tango face.


"Give me $100 and I'll lower the bridge."

  • If a player picks "Okay." with sufficient funds: "Thanks."
  • If a player picks "Okay." with insufficient funds: "You swindler, you're not crossing this bridge until you have the money."
  • "Goodbye!": conversation ends
  • If the Bridge is already lowered: "I'll keep the bridge down for another three minutes for $100."
  • "Take my money.": "Thanks."
  • "How long will the bridge be down?": "(number) minute(s) and (number) second/s."
  • "Goodbye!": conversation ends