Money is the main in-game currency of Lumber Tycoon 2.


20 Money

Money is used to buy structures, loose items, sawmills, axesvehicles, and more. Money can be earned when the player puts Logs, Planks, or the Land Sign into the Wood Dropoff, or if another player sends money to the player through Send Money, or if the player buys it from the Get The Money feature on the Menu.

Please Note: The current money limit in the game is $20,000,000 Money. If you surpass this amount, your money may stay at $20,000,000, or will be negative (-), but you won't get banned anymore if you surpass $20,000,000. You can surpass 20M by donating money.

Get The Money

Get Money-0

Money is also obtained by buying it from the green highlighted Get The Money tab in the Menu. This tab allows the player to buy a certain amount of money for a sustained amount of Robux (R$) The text at the bottom of the tab reads:

"In-game purchases help to support the developer and keep the game updated with new content."

Money Price: Robux(R$)
$100 10 R$
$250 25 R$
$500 50 R$
$1,000 100 R$
$10,000 1,000 R$
$20,000 1,800 R$

Send Money

Send Money-0

There is also a tab/feature entitled Send Money. The player can accept money instantly through this feature. To use this feature, you may change the Money on the Amount section to any Money that you currently have, through clicking the center box and typing in an amount, or clicking the ^ and v buttons. Once done, choose the player in the Player section you want to give Money to and press Transfer.

On November 21, 2016, Defaultio added a cooldown system for the Send Money feature, in an attempt to prevent auto save failure duplication.

There used to be an amount cap when you send Money but as of September 29th, 2017, this does not affect anymore.

P.S: The "Send Money" button is only usable after the player has bought a plot of land and has at least a 1 week old Roblox account.


There is a very common bug that occurs after every other transaction of money using the Send Money menu tab. What will happen is that the player will be able to choose an amount of money and to which player, but when "Transfer" is selected, the money will not be sent and the player will stay on the same screen. To fix this glitch, simply click "Close" and reopen the menu and try again.