This feature has been removed from the game.

Mountain Character
RobloxScreenShot11272015 153228-266
Location Was above Cherry Meadow
Apparel Green Banded Tophat w/ Antlers, Tuxedo, Black Pants
Speciality Hint
Other Attributes Stranded in the mountains, identical to Ruhven

The Mountain Character, also known as The Mountain Man, The Rock Dude, Mountain Guy, or The Man on the Mountain, was an anonymous NPC found on the Cliffside in between the Taiga Biome and the Volcano. He is located in several cliffs above the Cherry Meadow. This character is facing a fairly large Rocks and Cliffs wall, back turned to the rest of Lumberland. His apparel is a green-banded top hat with silver antlers protruding from it, a black tuxedo with a bit of luster, and black pants. This character shares an identical appearance with the Yes! – it's the Land Store owner, Ruhven. This character was anchored solid to the ground, but in previous versions, he was able to walk around freely and can be pushed by players into any area. Although his character was not perfected and he was very prone to walking off of the world's edge or down into the Ocean.

This character has no official name or specialization, although he does resemble Ruhven.  It is likely the character was simply used to spur curiosity in the players. 


  • Mountain Character: "I've heard some gnasty roomers about Gus"
  • Player: "WHAT ARE THEY" / "Goodbye!"
  • Mountain Character: (If player picked "WHAT ARE THEY") "I'm never telling!!!!!" / (If player picked "Goodbye!") Conversation ends.

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