Neon Wire
Unboxed Boxed


Location Link's Logic
Cost $720 Money
Type Wire
Usage Decoration, Wiring
In-game Description
"For all your (color) neon needs."
Neon Wires are a type of wire, that give off a neon glow. All colors can be bought from Link's Logic for $720 Money, with the exception of the Pink Neon Wire.

It is primarily used for decoration, but can also be used for color-coding logic designs, which can make the design more organized.


Neon Wires are thicker than the regular wires, and can stretch to 16 units in length, which is shorter than the 20 unit length of the regular wires. When they are deactivated, they will be black, similar to the normal wires. The wires will only give off light if they are activated by a power source.

Sometimes, a neon wire can be confused with another one. To lessen confusion, the player may turn down his/her graphics lower than his/her current setting.


The Neon Wires were added to the game on August 26th, 2016. They have been one of the only teaser photos made by Defaultio. Defaultio posted this teaser 11 hours before he added Neon Wires to Lumber Tycoon 2.