Numbered Cube
Unboxed Boxed
Big box
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost Was $1,006 Money
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Quest Item/Decoration
In-game Description

The Numbered Cube is an item that can be unboxed from the BIG GIFT. Each cube has a unique number and color, which can be obtained once the player opens the gift. Many players sell this item for Money, as they can be quite hard to find.

The cubes can be opened 79 times, each time changing color, and getting smaller by a fraction. On the 80th opening, the cube will disappear.

Below, you will find the number and color that goes with each number.

Number Initial Color
25 Sky Blue
24 Golden


22 Light Blue
21 Sea blue
20 Lilac
19 Tan/Burgandy
18 Brown
17 Yellow
16 Light Blue
15 Grey/Purple
14 Golden
13 Tan/Light Brown
12 Navy Blue
11 Sky Blue
10 Dark Grey
9 Brown
8 Brown
7 Brown
6 Brown
5 Bright Pink
4 Light Pink/Salmon
3 Brown
2 Purple
1 Pink

On January 7, 2017, it was discovered that the changing of colors on the cubes are not random. There is a pattern for how the color changes, each pattern is unique for the 25 different numbered cubes. When recording the color-changing pattern of a cube 80 times, the different colors can be organized into an 8x10 area to create a part of a pixelated image. For more info about this, visit Commandhat's blog post.

The usage of the Numbered Cubes are to open up the Shrine of the Sight. The key for how to open the shrine is below.