Oak Wood is the easiest wood to obtain. Most new players use this wood as their first source of Money; and it is a common building material.


Oak Wood is generally the easiest wood the obtain. It is found growing in the Main Biome and Mountainside in large quantities and should easily be visible from spawn. It is also advised that the player only collect the trunks; larger amounts of wood can be obtained that way. Any axe should be adequate for cutting.


Oak Trees grow relatively faster, though smaller, than most other existing trees, rarely reaching th height of Birch Trees. Oak Wood sells for less than Cherry Wood, but more than Elm Wood and Snowglow Wood. This wood type has a dark brown exterior (which can be camouflaged in the texture of a plot) with a "Nougat" colored interior.

Pink Wood

For about a week and a half, in June 2016, Pink Wood had a small chance to spawn, disguised as an oak tree. Defaultio has said that it was available for consoles (Xbox). Some say this grew on PC platform, but no tree was ever confirmed to grow on PC. Pink Wood was removed from the game only a few days after its discovery. All instances of Pink Wood became, and will become Oak Wood.

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