Oak Wood is the most abundant variant of Wood in the game. It can be cut by any Axe, and is found mostly in the Main Biome and Mountainside. Most starter players use this wood as their first source of Money. It is also commonly used for building.


Oak Wood can be harvested by using any type of Axe. It can be found in the Main Biome and Mountainside.


Oak Trees grows relatively faster, though smaller, than most of the other trees, rarely reaching the height of Birch Trees.

It sells for $1.5 Money / Unit for its log, and $10 Money / Unit for its plank. It costs less than Cherry Wood, but more than Elm Wood and Snowglow Wood.

This wood type has a dark brown exterior (which can be camouflaged in the texture of a plot) with a "Nougat" colored interior.

Pink Wood

For about a week and a half, in June 2016, Pink Wood was rarely inside Oak Trees. Defaultio claimed that it was only for the XBOX platform, but evidence proved it was also on PC. It had been removed after one week of its release as it was an unintended feature.

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