Island seen
Type Water expanse; Foundation for Lumberland
Location Approx. 15 studs below Biomes, depending which one.
Music Music from closest biome
Wood Types N/A
Max Trees Unknown
Please upload a map!

The Ocean is the geographical expanse of "Water" which is the foundation for all biomes, islands, caves, and everything Lumberland. The seabed is bright tan sand. The Ocean is approximately 25 studs in depth, this makes reaching the bottom without a vehicle impossible for a player.

The Ferry allow players to cross the sea to the Tropics Biome and Main Biome. The Ocean also has a small opening called the River which is a direct passage into the River Tunnel and goes beneath the Bridge.

The Ocean is also the home of all three Sand Islands, which are currently not accessible at this time except through glitches, which allows users to think that boats are coming, which is the most controversial theory ever to be discussed in Lumber Tycoon 2.

Stepping into the Ocean will poison a player and slowly kill them. This wasn't always a feature, during the Alpha Testing Stage, players could freely swim in the Ocean, allowing the River Tunnel & Sand Islands accessible. However, the Tropics Biome wasn't in existence during that time.

The Ocean connects to all biomes and even goes underneath them. However, in some areas, such as The Maze and The Volcano, the Ocean doesn't stretch, or the semi-biome will go beneath the Ocean, having a carved out area.

The Ocean

While the ocean may look like it consists of regular water, it may actually be more complex than that.

In a tweet by Defaultio he responds to someone telling them that the ocean is made out of iridium. There are many reasons why this wouldn't be possible:

Iridium being the second densest element, which technically would allow practically anything to float such as trees, cars etc except for iridium itself, osmium and some compounds. But only the player and the ferry can float. The "Iridium" ocean acts too much like water or a similar compound.

Iridium isn't poisonous to the body as the game depicts it to be, realistically you would not be dying by swimming "Iridium". Iridium has a very high melting point meaning the ocean should be molten hot and instantaniously kill and melt most objects in the ocean if it were to be at its liquid state, but since the ocean isn't extremely hot it should be solid.

Iridium is rare, there isn't enough iridium on the earth to fill a whole ocean.


However it is much more plausible to have an "iridium" ocean if it was a chemical mix of water and a high iridium content in the water. But it still wouldn't be deadly.

However the iridium in the game could be a fictional isotope of iridium, allowing it to be gaseous, solid and liquid at nearly the same temperature.

This fictional isotope of iridium could also be poisonous to the body and possibly less dense. The most likely possibility is that the ocean is a chemical mix of both water and a fictional isotope of iridium. But you could also go with the cheap answer of "In a fictional world anything can happen".

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