Island seen
Type Water expanse; Foundation for Lumberland
Location Approx. 15 studs below Biomes, depending which one.
Music Music from closest biome
Wood Types N/A
Max Trees None
Please upload a map!

The Ocean is the geographical expanse of "water" which is the foundation for all biomes, islands, caves, and everything Lumberland.

The Ocean is approximately 25 studs in depth, which makes reaching the bottom without a vehicle impossible for a player. Its oceanbed is bright tan sand. It is the home of the Sand Islands.

Submerging fully into the Ocean or any type of water will damage the player's health. This is due to a tweet of Defaultio saying that the Ocean is made out of iridium. During the Alpha Testing Stage, players could freely swim in the Ocean, allowing the River Tunnel & Sand Islands, accessible.

The Ocean may possibly have a chance to be used by a spreading rumor that insists about boats. Who knows, probably Defaultio.

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