The Ocean Cove, is a geographical feature located between the Snow Peninsula and the Cliff Peninsula.


It is considered a cove because of its geographical prominence. This cove, surrounded by a set of smooth walls, the Snow Peninsula, Land Bridge and the Cliff Peninsula is particularly hidden compared to other biomes of the game. As of now, though, there is nothing significant or special about this location and it's circle, as it has been examined by many players.

Before the well-known January Mega Update, there used to be no Tropics Biome or Cliff Peninsula. Due to these geographical features not existing at the time being, the Ocean Cove wasn’t really a cove, but instead is a bay.

Accessing the Cove

The Cove can be accessed from a variety of places, namely:

  • Taiga Mountain Passage; go up the path, fall down a small cliff on a left turn and you'll see the cove.
  • Snow Peninsula; is technically the spot where the above leads to, though located on the other side of the cove.
  • Cliff Peninsula; being the opposite end of the Snow Peninsula, is considered the most difficult place to get to on the walls of the cove.
  • Volcano; as the Volcano is the highest point in the game, the cove can be accessed by walking down from the top.
  • Tropics Peninsulas; the player can also access the cove from going on the opposite end of the map, as the cove takes up most of the ocean side.

The Ocean Cove during the End Times