Palm Wood grows on the Sand Islands, a series of 3 islands located around the Ocean surrounding Lumberland. The Sand Islands are currently inaccessible without the use of glitches or exploits, which this Wiki stands against.

Palm Wood is one of the most expensive woods in the game, though not as much as Spook Wood, Sinister Wood, and Phantom Wood. However, similar to Cavecrawler Wood, most people who acquire this wood don't usually sell the wood for money, as taking one trip to the Sand Islands through any means is likely not profitable.


Palm Trees only consist of a trunk and some leaves, with small branches, depending on how large the tree is. The outer texture of the log is composed of Slate, light-brown in color. The inside of the log is sandy white, which is also the color of the planks. As for the leaves, they are composed of a light-green color with a Grass material. The formation of the leaves are also arranged uniquely and seem to be "jutting out" from the top part of the trunk.

Palm trees are slanted when still fixed to the ground.


There is no 'legitimate' way to acquire palm wood, as Defaultio himself has stated that the wood was merely designed as a tease. 

An uncommon (and likely the only non-glitch) way of getting to these islands is by dragging large pieces of Elm Wood or Pine Wood through the Ocean; most attempts were unsuccessful and returning with Palm Wood is nearly unheard of with this method. Putting large trees side-by-side from the shore to an island is, theoretically, possible in order to build a "bridge", though there are very few examples of this being attempted. The Door Bridge method is used most commonly. (see on YouTube for more info about this)

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