Palm Wood is a type of wood that is exclusive on the Sand Islands. It is unobtainable without the use illegitimate methods, as the islands are currently inaccessible without the use of said glitches or exploits. 


Palm trees only consist of a trunk and some leaves, rarely branching another but smaller, depending on how large the tree is. They always seem to be slanted but are still anchored on the ground.

Its exterior is tan in color and is textured with the Slate material. Its interior is also tan, and is commonly confused with Fir Wood and Pine Wood planks, as they all sport tan colors, however, the two kinds of wood being duller than the Palm planks.

Its leaves, however, are composed of a light-green color and textured with the Grass material. The formation of the leaves are also arranged uniquely and seem to be "jutting out" from the top part of the trunk.


There is no legitimate way to acquire Palm Wood, as Defaultio himself has stated that the wood was merely designed to be a tease. 

The only legitimate way of getting to these islands is by dragging large pieces of Elm Wood, Pine Wood, or Birch Wood through the Ocean; most attempts were unsuccessful and returning with Palm Wood is nearly unheard of with this method. However, the Door Bridge or Car Chair Glitch are glitches that can be used to obtain the wood.

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