A Pink Utility Vehicle.

Pink Vehicles are a rare variation of any vehicle. This event can happen with any type of vehicle or trailer except for the Sleigh. After scrolling through every color of the vehicle and doing the calculations, most people come across a Pink Vehicle roughly once every 500 vehicles. The pink used is the ROBLOX palette color Hot Pink. This is a really rare colored vehicle so cherish it in game.


Some people want to trade or sell Pink Cars for money. Trading vehicles are different than trading a loose item. Here are two ways to trade a Pink Vehicle:

  • Bring the Pink Vehicle over to the buyer's base. Allow (whitelist) the player to sit in the driver's seat, and tell him/her to stay there. Reload your base, and after reloading, un-whitelist the buyer. The vehicle is now traded.
  • Place the original spawn pad onto the buyer's base. Bring the Pink Vehicle over to his/her base. Reload your base. The vehicle is now traded.

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