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Pink Wood was a featured classified wood type in Lumber Tycoon 2. In the game files, this type of wood is labeled as "GenericSpecial". It is unknown exactly when it was released, or if it will ever return to the game again. It was available on consoles until its decommission, and could be rarely found spawning inside Oak Wood trees.


One week after discovery on 6/28/16, the wood was confirmed to have been available on consoles only and was available during a certain period. There are no known photos of the tree available to us except the one below, which can be easily faked by using certain picture editors, so it is still unclear whether this picture is real or not. Its value per unit is also unconfirmed, as it was extremely rare during its period of release and no one wanted to sell it at the Wood Dropoff.

On 7/1/16, the wood was decommissioned from the game and all instances of Pink Wood were replaced with Oak Wood.

Realizing it is no longer in the game, there is still a chance it may return to the game allowing players to get this wood again.


The locations of all "pink wood" findings are as follows:
  • In the Safari exit hole in the End Times Biome, there are several pink pieces of plank blocks that act as scripts. The hole used to be unblocked during the early days of the biome's existence and would teleport players to the Safari Hole.
  • There is also a plank of pink wood under the floor of the Winter Cabin. Similar to the wood in the End Times Biome, the block holds scripts to decrease lag in the Cabin from excessive Firewood particles.
  • A glowing pink block can be found beneath the Swamp Rock (note: this block is NOT made out of plank). Players were once able to see it if they blew the rock using dynamite. This, however, no longer works.

It should also be noted that the pink wood in the findings listed above cannot be interacted with, as they solely serve the purpose of holding scripts and/or as easter eggs and are not meant to be seen. These findings can only be viewed using Studio or using glitches.

Despite the wood's spawning mechanism being removed from the game, some hackers have managed to create blueprints filled with Pink Wood (GenericSpecial). However, upon reloading their base the wood becomes Oak.

The string of code that allows the pink wood to spawn actually still exists within the game's code, however, it is not functional as the code is no longer active but rather converted into a comment (string of text that has no effect on the game's functionality whatsoever).

Real-Life Connections

It has been noted that Pink Wood is noticeably similar to Pink Ivory (Berchemia zeyheri) due to both having a pinkish color. Usually, exotic trees over time lose their wood color and start becoming more brown instead of the previous color. This is very similar to how all Pink Wood planks & blueprints were given the same color as Oak Wood.

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