This feature is currently unused.


Pink Wood was a featured classified wood type in Lumber Tycoon 2. In the game files, this type of wood is labelled as "GenericSpecial". It is unknown exactly when it was released, or if it will ever return to the game again. It was available on consoles until its decommission, and could be rarely found spawning inside Oak Wood trees. Once Defaultio found out, he quickly patched it and removed all instances of Pink Wood from blueprints, trees, ect.


One week after discovery on 6/28/16, the wood was confirmed to have been available on consoles only and was available during a certain period. On 7/1/16, the wood was decommissioned from the game and all instances of Pink Wood were replaced with Oak Wood. Most likely because of how it was mass-duped.


Despite the wood's spawning mechanism being removed from the game, some exploiters have managed to create blueprints filled with Pink Wood (GenericSpecial). However, upon reloading their base the wood becomes Oak.

The string of code that allows the pink wood to spawn actually still exists within the game's code, however, it is not functional as the code is no longer active but rather converted into a comment (string of text that has no effect on the game's functionality whatsoever).

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