This item is no longer obtainable as it was only available during the Christmas Event of 2015.

Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob
Unboxed Boxed
Cleancoal Boxedcoal2
Location Was at Bob's Shack
Cost Was $10,000 Money
Avg User Price Unknown
Type 2015 Gift
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"It's probably coal."

The Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob was sold at Bob's Shack for $10,000 money one week before Christmas and was opened to reveal the Lump of Coal. Many players do not know that the Lump of Coal can catch fire if taken into the Volcano. It takes 10 minutes for the Lump of Coal to fully catch on fire. It will remain on fire for a small period of time before going back to normal. It was sold for the same price as the Acceptable Gift from Bob.


The present is black, with a slate-like texture and a silver ribbon. The box is roughly one unit cubed. It is the smallest of the Christmas gifts in the game.

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