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Pre-Alpha was the main stage of development in Lumber Tycoon 2. It took place before the official Alpha Testing Stage. Pre-Alpha lasted from around the beginning of 5/29/2015 to 6/15/2015 or 6/30/2015. While there isn't much known about Pre-Alpha, there is some information known.

During Pre-Alpha

During Pre-Alpha the core functions of the game were being developed such as axes, trees & sawmills. Tree growth & Tree generation were some of the first features Defaultio began working on, then axes, chopping & sawmills.

Near the end of Pre-Alpha, Defaultio openend the game for public Pre-Alpha testing to test the game and find bugs. Currently, the only known Pre-Alpha tester is EpikYummeh. EpikYummeh's name can be found within the credits.

When Defaultio had Pre-Alpha testers the most basic functions had already been implemented. This included trees, Sawmills, Vehicles, Axes & the Store Item functions. The Stone Axe was at one point the only axe available and the other axes came later, as said by EpikYummeh. Vehicles also didn't have any headlights during this time.

VIP Room

The VIP Room was an area accessible during Pre-Alpha. While its true purpose is unknown, it is believed that the VIP Room was a sort of "starter-pack" for Pre-Alpha testers.

The VIP Room contained many testing items such as the Stone Axe, the Fair Sawmill, a Worklight, most of the conveyors and supports, and a box featuring an MS Paint-drawn car on the front with text saying "TEST". The MS Paint-drawn car's function is unknown, but it is highly likely it is was just a normal vehicle.

Stone Axe

The Stone Axe was an item that could be obtained in the early development of Lumber Tycoon 2. It was later replaced by the Basic Hatchet due to that fact that this axe had not been re-textured in any way. The Stone Axe was the only axe available at a point in Pre-Alpha.

The Blue-Brick Building

The Blue-Brick Building was a structure that could be found beside Wood R Us at one point during Pre-Alpha.

According to Defaultio himself, the brick building was merely a facade and could not be entered. It was used to test the growth of trees in the game, and was removed shortly after.

Tree Growth

Tree Growth & Tree Generation was one of the very first features implemented into Lumber Tycoon 2, even being worked on before the summer of 2015.

Back in spring of 2015 when Defaultio was experimenting with tree generators and tree growth, some of his earliest trees had cylinder-shaped logs instead of the regular rectangular logs. The Cherry Tree was one of the first trees made in one of Josh's generators. It is unknown if tree generators eventually evolved into the creation of Lumber Tycoon 2, or if they were just a side project along with Lumber Tycoon 2.

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