Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye
Unboxed Boxed
Preserved enlarged ostrich eye CreditJerricksEyeBox
Location On the light fixture in Bob's Shack
Cost Was $400,306 Money
Type Loose/End Times Item
Usage Lowering the bridge
to access the End Times Biome
In-game Description
"The mere motion of a preserved enlarged ostrich eye confuses you."

The Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye was a limited time item which was available at Bob's Shack on top of the light fixture for $400,306 money.

The price of the item had made it particularly difficult to obtain for most players. Along with the fact that it was hidden allowed it to be an item of an exceptional rarity for those who did know about it (and could afford it). The item's box is one of the five boxed items to have a unique box texture, the others being the Lump of CoalBold and BrashCandy Cane Axe, and the Spork. This is currently the most expensive item that was ever available for purchase.

The item is notably small, even though the name states it is "enlarged". This item is, however, is enlarged when compared to a player's eyeball.

The eyeball is now unobtainable in the game but still can be bought off of players.


The eye can be used to lower the Bridge to access the End Times Biome. This can be done by balancing the eye into the small circular hole in Seranok's or Merely's booth, then paying for the bridge to be lowered.  If a second player holds the eye inside the hole without actually letting go will also work. However, please note that the eye will be consumed. It is unknown if it is used to light up the maze.

Seranok says "WOW THANKS!" if you balance it and nothing if you hold it in the hole.

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