Pressure Plate
Unboxed Boxed
Unboxed Pressure Plate Pressure Plate
Location Wood R Us
Cost $640 Money
Type Structure
Usage Activating connected wires
In-game Description
"Generate a signal when anything is on the surface of the pressure plate."

The Pressure Plate activates the wire connected to it if an object or humanoid is on it. It is found at Wood R Us and Link's Logic. The Pressure Plate comes in a light blue-grey box. A Pressure Plate measures 4 units square. It is composed out of a "plank plate" on the top and a dark grey base with a small black dot on the base that connects to Wire.

Wiring Uses

Since it is activated when a player steps on it, but also can be triggered by blueprints, wood (milled or not), wires, placeable items, loose items and dropped axes. it can be useful for opening doors when a player enters their house. It can also be used to switch a Conveyor or a Chop Saw when a plank or log activates it.

It also makes great timers for blinking lights, a constantly active Chop Saw, or maybe a storage when you place an axe or an object on the Pressure Plate and something lights up so you know where to go.

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