This item has been removed from stores, but can still be obtained from other players.

Unboxed Boxed
PumpkinUnboxed PumpkinBoxed
Location Was at Bob's Shack
Cost Was $360 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decorative and Light
In-game Description
"Perfect for warding off the neighborhood youngsters."

The Pumpkin was a limited time item for the 2015 Halloween Event, which was found at Bob's Shack for $360 Money.

Players use it as a decoration, showcasing purposes, and as a light source. Its lighting range is as far as the Worklight, which diffuses in all directions.


The Pumpkin has a bright, red-orange color, a bright yellow color emanating from the holes, and supposedly, a burn on its side.

The Pumpkin is based on the ROBLOX hat "Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head."


A few months ago, the Pumpkin's mesh was disoriented, with Defaultio, the game creator, saying through his Twitter account that it was a result of ROBLOX changing the way how meshes work. This resulted in a plaid looking orange and black ball. This glitch was fixed only recently.            
Pumpkin Orange
Pumpkin Orange

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