Red Ball
Unboxed Boxed
Numberbal Boxed red ball
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost Was $500 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decorative
In-game Description
"A red ball with a number on it. The lower the number; the older the ball."

The Red Ball (similar to the Blue Ball) is an object that was obtained from the Happy Red Gift of Fun event, which was available from December 17th until December 25th, 2015. Each ball has a unique number that is determined upon opening the Red Ball box.

According to Defaultio, the Red Balls are an economic experiment to see if players would trade for balls with certain numbers. Currently, at least one player has at least 2 red balls with the same number. The ball number continues to increase every day.

Aside from trading, the red ball can be used for playing mini golf. This involves rolling the ball into a hole, and if you miss it will go into another pocket at the back (which counts as a miss).

The ball can also be used as a substitute when playing Pumpkin Ball and other minigames, such as Bowling. Minigames are often used for money purposes.

Learn more about the red ball here.

Low Numbers

Due to the nature of the ball's ever increasing numerical values, balls with number under 1000 are essentially priceless.

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