Retirement Stand
RobloxScreenShot12192015 093443917
Type Anomaly
Location Under Wood R Us
Music None
Wood Types None
Max Trees None

The Retirement Stand is an anomaly located under the Wood Dropoff. It is made out of concrete and is grey in coloration. It currently has a fairly large rectangular shape, but in previous versions, it was smaller. The stand is about 2 studs thick and is located about 18 studs below the Wood Dropoff itself. For now, no item is on this stand.

On August the 28th, 2015, the Alpha Axe was added on the gravel slope (was moved in September onto a stand). Since it was on the gravel slope, people were able to see what it says by pressing "E" on the box and they were able to move them. When it was on a slope, it was easy to find because some people used shift lock switch in the left side of Wood R Us. It was added to a very small stand in September and was harder to find. When the Alpha Axe was added on a stand, people have to squish into the wall between the two Wood Dropoffs. Sometimes, you could glitch into the Wood Dropoff and sometimes you can glitch underneath the conveyor. If you do it correctly, you will glitch through the wall and see the Alpha Axe.

When the 2015 gifts were removed, the stand was made bigger (seen on picture), so the Alpha Axe box doesn't fall off.

In a server where a player's truck has flipped, the player was able to get in his car and see under the map to the retirement stand. A picture from afar shows no clear signs of the Alpha Box being present.

There are shelves near the stand similar to the Wood R Us shelves. They are empty but they may have a purpose in the future.

Another way of getting underground to the stand is to try and squish two vehicles to each other. Not very commonly they will glitch underground. Sometimes it pushes both vehicles but very strongly will cause one to go underground.

Sometime between 2016-06-10 to 2016-06-12 a black worklight box resided at the retirement stand, as of 2016-06-13 the black worklight box has been replaced with a blue-gray box containing Wire, and a brown box with a containing the Chop Saw for a future update. During 2016-06-15 and 2016-12-22, the Beta Axe of Bosses was on the Retirement Stand.

After 12/22/16, the Beta Axes of Bosses has been removed from the stand, leaving the retirement stand with nothing currently.


The Beta Box on the Retirement Stand.

RobloxScreenShot06122016 205153233-0

A worklight on the stand

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