The River Tunnel is a geographic feature located near the Bridge. It is, as its name suggests, a tunneling system boring under the swamp. 

On March 1st, 2018, the tunnel was finished in the form of sand landmasses, and the completion of the entire tunnel system. On the right of the river tunnel's entrance, there will be a small piece of land. If the player then goes inside the tunnel, they will see another piece of land hugging the corner of the wall. If the player goes straight from there, he/she will go onto a large piece of land at the end. If the player goes right instead, he/she will see a small landmass, then another on the left turn. The landmass is a shape similar to the other path, however, it includes a small hill in the middle. It is likely that these pieces of land are to be used by vehicles due to their short distances from each other.

The tunneling system also has its own music, which is the same music that plays in the vicinity of the Green Box.

During the time of Alpha Testing Stage, the tunnel could be swam into because the water did not damage the player. The tunnel may have looked different during the time, but no Alpha images of it exist.

The river tunnel was transformed into a memorial for the famous youtuber, Ticktatwert, who sadly passed away due to medical complications. There is also Snowglow Wood surrounding the memorial, however, getting the wood is hard to nearly impossible.


In its earliest recorded history, the tunnel was unfinished in the forms of dead ends or void dropoffs. It also had a similar design to The Maze, but undoubtedly small. Then, some time on March 1st, the tunnel was then completed and it was speculated for a spot for some sort of event, tree, axe, or boats before the memorial was added on March 13th for Ticktatwert.