Rocks and Cliffs are natural geographic features found throughout the entirety of Lumberland.

These features of Lumberland are rectangular in shape and are often really tall. They are made of the 'slate' material. Rocks and Cliffs are brown and often pile up on each other, becoming higher, denser, and taller as they reach up to the Volcano. This most likely means that these rocks are part of the Volcano and/or old lava flows. Thus, if this is true, every rock and cliff on the game is considered part of the Mountainside.

There are many 'dugouts' in these rocks; for example, the Cherry Meadow Is located in a dip in the mountainside, the Taiga Biome is surrounded by high cliffs, and the Swamp is nestled in a deep pit in the mountain.


A moderately sized cliff. Note the Taiga Biome entrance in the background.

There are also many anomalies within these rocks and cliffsides. Here is a list:
  1. The Snow Arch: A rock feature located in the Taiga Biome that connects an island of rock to the rest of the mountainside.
  2. The Safari Hole: There is a notable hole in the cliffside of a rock in the Safari. It extends back for about 14 studs and is the secret exit from The Maze which is currently blocked off.
    RobloxScreenShot11242015 230324892

    The rock bridge in its un-blasted state

  3. The Snow Cave: There is a cave dug in the mountainside at the entrance to the Taiga Biome. This cave is the source of the rocks that fall down a slide and fills the entrance. There is nothing else significant about this cave.
    RobloxScreenShot11242015 185240-685

    The view on top of the Snow Arch.

  4. Rock Bridge Cave: There is a small 'cave' located underneath the entrance to the Volcano. This cave leads to the Shrine of Sight and, once the puzzle is solved, the Cavern of Sight and the Bold and Brash painting can be reached. Oak and Birch trees are known to periodically grow in the cave.
  5. The Swamp Cavern: There is a cavern in the mountainside that connects the rest of the Mountainside to the Swamp and allows vehicular access if the Rock Bridge was used.
  6. The River Tunnel: Read more here.
  7. The Snow Peninsula: A geographic feature that protrudes from the mountainside near the Snow Area.
  8. Spawn Area Sinkage: A tunnel-shaped sinkage near the spawn area across from Yes! – it's the Land Store behind a large rock.

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