Safari Hole
Safari Hole
Type Anomaly; Passage
Location Entrance in The Maze; Exit in Safari
Bumba Crossing - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types N/A
Max Trees Unknown
Safari Hole Map

The Safari Hole, also called The Plains Hole, is a teleportation passage leading from The Maze into a hole in the wall of the Safari, in which if a player ever gets lost in The Maze, they can use this emergency exit in order to get out.

It is noted that this hole is confirmed to be one-way as of 7/13/16.

There is also a hole at the End Times Biome. Safari Exit in End Times is officially open.


The hole in The Maze can be found covered with brown rocks, the same color as the cliff shown in the picture. The entrance is dark and the contrast is poor, so the picture should be considered worthy for references/uploads.


The entrance is confirmed to teleport Logs & Players, however, Loose Items remains untested. It's not recommended for players to use this as a way to teleport Cavecrawler Wood, due to it being easily glitching out when teleporting.

Accessing the Hole

The hole entrance can be accessed via. The Maze, located on the far right side (complete details restricted). The player can identify it by the brown rocks and the hole in the middle, and two small ledges a player has to jump on to get inside and drop down.

The hole exit can be accessed via. The Safari, located on the left side when you cross the bridge. It's high up so only those who are skilled at "planking" can access the hole. (Or you can just drop down from the entrance).

It should be noted that this is no way to access The Maze, and is confirmed to be one-way as shown in the video below.

Lumber Tycoon 2 - Safari Hole- One Way?10:25

Lumber Tycoon 2 - Safari Hole- One Way?

Confirmation of it being one-way in the exit.

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