The Safari Mountain Passage, also known as the Swamp Path or Safari Path, is a group of cliffs and a passage that leads to the Swamp. It is found on the top-left edge of the Safari. It is used by players as an entrance or exit to the Swamp. Spook Wood and Sinister Wood are frequently found growing on this passage.


  1. Tree Ladder Method
    • In this method, the player requires a tree to use as a support ladder to get up to the passage. The player can scale up the tree by jumping on its branches and finally reach its top and jump to the passage.
  2. Floating Branch Method
    • In this method, the player is required to have a log or a plank to stand upon. When the log is directly below the player, the player must click and hold the log to grab it, and eventually, the log will elevate when the cursor is placed correctly. When the height gap of the passage's platform exceeds the player, the player may now jump off and onto the passage.
  3. Planking Method
    • This method requires a long plank enough to build a bridge out of the gap in passageway and the player's ground. When the plank bridge is already made, the player may now scale to the bridge and go to the passage.