Safari Mountain Passage
Type Anomaly (?); Geographic Feature, Path
Location Safari
Music Bumba Crossing - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types Spook Wood Sinister Wood
Max Trees Unknown

The Safari Mountain Passage, also known as Swamp Path, or Safari Path, consists of a group of cliffs and a passage that leads to the Swamp.

The purpose of the Safari Mountain Passage is to exit the Swamp, but it is mostly used to enter the Swamp, but you cannot get up to the passage via vehicle if you're in the Safari, however, if you have very long, thin and wide planks you can possibly use them as a ramp to get up to the passage. But if you ever need to get to the Swamp by a vehicle, use the Rock Bridge instead.

The Safari Mountain Passage could have one time in Lumberland's history been a waterfall due to how the River ends at the passage, and at one time the River could have been flowing down the passage and then flowing down the cliffs to create a waterfall.

Spook Wood and Sinister Wood are frequently found growing on this passage, therefore the only wood that grows here are Spook and Sinister trees.

Accessing The Passage

The Swamp can be accessed from two known locations; one hard, one easy:

  • Safari; drive to the back end and look for the ramp. If there is no tree grown next to the ramp, cut one down and prop one up against it, allowing you to follow the ramp upward. Or you can chop down the nearest tree and move it towards the cliff and utilize it to get up on the cliff.
  • Rock Bridge; accessed from the Mountainside, you no longer need to use dynamite to blow up the bridge which will lead you down into the Swamp.

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