Sand Islands
Type Islands
Location Scattered around the Ocean
Kevin MacLeod ~ Montauk Point-slGnlRk6gNw
Wood Types Palm Wood
Max Trees 30
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.06.59 AM

The Sand Islands are a series of 3 islands that are inaccessible by typical means. They can be seen from the coasts of most biomes.


The islands are native to Palm trees. The islands are made up of the "Sand" material and have a pale, yellow color. Each island is connected to the Ocean floor. There is a total of three Sand Islands in the game; two are located near the Safari and a third can be seen off the coast of the Spawn Area.


These islands cannot be accessed by any intended method. As mentioned by Defaultio himself, the islands are only intended to exist as a tease to the players; it is unknown if there will be any normal ways to get to the islands in coming updates.

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