Sawmax 01
Unboxed Boxed
Sawmax 01 Sawmax01box
Location Wood R Us
Cost $11,000 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Wood Processing
In-game Description
"A top of the line machine that accepts large logs for heavy duty applications."


The Sawmax 01 is the third best and expensive sawmill and it can cut logs of nearly any thickness. It is the first sawmill to be created on the Sawmax series, and can be bought in the Wood R Us store for $11,000 Money. A player can process logs that are no longer than 10.9 units in this sawmill.

Its loading hole is slightly smaller than the Sawmax 02, and problems will occur sometimes when cutting big-sized Walnut, LavaPine, and Koa logs, even with a Sawmax 02.

Most people tend to skip the Sawmax 01 and buy the Sawmax 02 instead because the Sawmax 02 costs only $4,500 Money. more than the Sawmax 01, but this also means its quality is much better.


The Sawmax 01 looks very similar to the Sawmax 02 in size, but its colors are different from each other. The Sawmax 01 is darker than the Sawmax 02, which both has a pastel-brown color, boxed and unboxed. Despite the color and properties, it possesses the features of other sawmills have.

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