Sawmax 01
Unboxed Boxed
Sawmax 01 Sawmax01box
Location Wood R Us
Cost $11,000 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Milling
In-game Description
"A top of the line machine that accepts large logs for heavy duty applications."

The Sawmax 01 is a sawmill purchasable at Wood R Us for $11,000 Money.

It is considered the third-best and expensive sawmill in the game and can roughly mill thick logs. Nearly any type of wood can fit in its input hole, apart from wood types that tends to grow relatively thick. Its input hole's size is nearly as big as the Sawmax 02's hole.

Most players tend to skip the sawmill and buy the Sawmax 02 instead, as the Sawmax 02 has better quality and costs $4,500 Money more than the Sawmax 01.


The Sawmax 01 looks roughly similar to the Sawmax 02 in size and color, but can easily be differentiated. The Sawmax 01 sports a duller shade than the Sawmax 02, which both has a pastel-brown color, boxed and unboxed. Despite the color and properties, it possesses the features other sawmills have.