Sawmax 02
Unboxed Boxed
Sawmax 02
Location Wood R Us
Cost $15,500 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Wood Processing
In-game Description
"A beefy sawmill for super serious saw milling needs."


The Sawmax 02 is the second sawmill in the Sawmax series and is currently the second-best sawmill in the game. It can be bought in the Wood R Us store for $15,500 Money. What makes it a high tier sawmill is its loading hole, which currently is the largest among all the sawmills, which is 2.6 units wide.  

Although it might be efficient, the bases of some trees like Koa, Lava, Pine wood will sometimes not fit.  


It has a bright, pastel-brown color, boxed and unboxed. It is a bit similar to the Sawmax 01, but the only difference is its color boxed, and unboxed. Its features are the same with other sawmills as well.  

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