This article regards game entities which are currently unreleased, The LT2 wiki makes no guarantee that the contents of this article will ever be released; it only acknowledges that the contents of this article have, at some point in time, existed within the game.

This sawmill exists only within the game files and cannot be obtained through any normal means.

Sawmax 02L
Unboxed Boxed
Sawmax02L SawmaxBox02L
Location Game Files / N/A
Cost $86,500 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Wood Cutting
In-game Description
"Extra length capacity for your extra long needs."

The Sawmax 02L is an unreleased and unobtainable sawmill found within the game files. The Sawmax 02L is the third sawmill in the Sawmax series, able to process longer logs without them passing through due to the increased length of the sawmill. Other than the length, it is identical to the Sawmax 02. Its max length for plank is unknown, but the width is probably the same as the Sawmax 02's width, as the feed hole is exactly as large as the Sawmax 02. Currently, there exists a bug that lets a player sawmill longer than average logs by placing two sawmills in the same spot, effectively eradicating the need of a Sawmax 02L.


The Sawmax 02L is fairly large in boxed form, containing a cubic style yet still rectangular. The box has two decals on opposite sides of the sawmill.

Unboxed, the sawmill takes up about as much space as the largest Vehicle Spawner. The Sawmax 02L, like other sawmills, has the iconic green puffs that emit from the inside, yet give off no specific light.

The Sawmax 02L is very similar to the Sawmax 01 and Sawmax 02 in terms of height, box color, sawmill color, and name. The Sawmax 02L's feed hole is exactly as a large as the Sawmax 02's.


The Sawmax 02L was first discovered in the Roblox group Beyond The Limits. The Sawmill was added to the group models at Jun. 01, 2016. It was first thought to be released along with the Chop Saw, however, when the Chop Saw was released there was no Sawmax 02L to be found.

People thought that maybe it would be released in a later update however it would soon be understood that the Samwax 02L might never be released when other items such as the Pink Neon Wire and the Eerie Skull didn't release. Though, it is still plausible that the Sawmax 02L may at one point in the future release.

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