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Server Initialization is a process in the game that occurs when a player joins a newly created server. Upon joining a new server, players will encounter a blurred GUI, with the words "Server initializing..." at the top. Below that, there are three numbers, as well as some text to explain what server initialization is. It says "Trees take a while to grow when a server first starts. This typically takes around three minutes. Sorry for the wait!"

While server initialization occurs, trees grow at an accelerated rate, starting from a sapling and growing into the adult stage in a matter of seconds. This is due to the fact the Server Initialization is meant for the growth of trees, and because trees are randomly generated, Server Initialization must occur to prevent glitches. During this process, not only will trees grow, but destructible objects will reset and be ready for usage. For example, the player can see Rocks coming from The Snow Cave and filling up the entrance to the Taiga Biome/Snow Area. For glitched servers, the player may walk around during this process and can see the rocks generating inside the cave and sliding down into position, and then freezing into place.

The GUI will read a set of numbers that counts down until the server is done initializing. The fastest depleting number is on the bottom, the slowest on the top. When all numbers reach 0, the player(s) will be able to wander about and load their progress. However, on bugged servers, the numbers have been known to go up.

There is a glitch where if one tries to load their base right after the regular GUI appears after initialization, loading for all players becomes stuck at waiting, therefore rendering the server unusable. To prevent this, tell everyone in the game to walk to the bridge and back without loading or buying anything. After about 4-5 minutes, you should be able to load. In the future, Defaultio might try to fix this bug to prevent it from happening so you can load your base and buy stuff.

The interface on the bottom of the GUI reads: "Trees take a while to grow when a server first starts. This typically takes around three minutes. Sorry for the wait!"

Top: The growth speed of trees

Middle: Amount of trees that need to be loaded

Bottom: Amount of assets that need to be loaded

Server loading

The blurry GUI you see during the server initialization is actually a transparent black screen.