Shabby Sawmill
Unboxed Boxed
Shabby Sawmill
Location Wood R Us
Cost $130 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Wood Processing
In-game Description
"This sawmill does what you need to start turning logs into planks, but you will need to upgrade to cut larger logs"


The Shabby Sawmill is the cheapest Sawmill and is optimal for beginners due to its minimal cost.

Only small trees, such as Oak, Birch, and Cherry can fit in the Shabby Sawmill. However, some have managed to process wood of big logs into small slabs and shoved them in, which takes some time and effort to do. Some also perform a glitch which involves moving the sawmill to create planks with big logs.


The box has two "SAWMILL" decals on its top and bottom, and the sawmill's decal on its side. It is also golden colored. Unboxed, the sawmill takes up less space than other Sawmills. Unlike the other sawmills, the Shabby Sawmill is not made out of concrete; it is made out of dark-brown planks. The Shabby Sawmill emits green puffs inside of it, but at a lesser rate than the Sawmax 01 and Sawmax 02. The Shabby Sawmill's bottom consists of a concrete plate which can be walked through, which is good for secret rooms, and others.

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