Shabby Sawmill
Unboxed Boxed
Shabby Sawmill
Location Wood R Us
Cost $130 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Milling
In-game Description
"This sawmill does what you need to start turning logs into planks, but you will need to upgrade to cut larger logs"

The Shabby Sawmill is a sawmill that is purchasable at the Wood R Us store for $130 Money.

It is the cheapest sawmill in the game and it is known as a "beginner's sawmill". Wood such as branches of Oak, Cherry, or Birch Wood is mostly the size of its input hole, however, one may perform a glitch to process big logs.


The Shabby Sawmill sports a brown color, and is textured to the Wood Planks material, unlike other sawmills which are made out of the Concrete material. It has the same components of any sawmill; the BLOCKAGE sign, Plank Cross Section, and emits green puffs inside it.

The box of the sawmill is golden-orange in color, with its decal on its largest sides and letters spelled SAWMILL on its top and bottom side. The decal on the box, however, does not have green puffs emitting inside it.