Signal Inverter
Unboxed Boxed
Signal Inverter SignalInventerBoxed
Location Link's Logic
Cost $200 Money
Type Logic Device
Usage Logic/Wiring
In-game Description
On to off, off to on.

The Signal Inverter, also known as a NOT Gate, is an item that can be purchased from Link's Logic for $200 Money.

The Signal Inverter has one input and one output. The output will turn on when the input is not on. This can be used in many situations. For a lot of situations, this is required for laser-triggered setups. It can be used with an AND Gate to make complex circuitry.

You must connect it with Wire to make it work and turn on the Lever.

The table below states the signal (or result) of the output.

In Out
0 1
1 0

0 = Off, 1 = On