Signal Sustain
Unboxed Boxed
SignalSustainUnboxxed SignalSustainBoxed
Location Link's Logic
Cost $520 Money
Type Structure
Usage Sustaining signals
In-game Description
This will pass a signal from the input to the output after a set delay time.

The Signal Sustain is an item that can be purchased from Link's Logic for $520 Money.


The model of the Signal Sustain is similar to that of the Signal Delay, but the button function is different and the black bar is smooth. You can see the button function by moving your mouse over the button on the machine.

This item acts similar to the Signal Delay. The main difference is that while the Signal Delay makes the beginning of the signal delayed, the Signal Sustain immediately starts the signal.

The Signal Sustain was released after the Signal Delay. 


When supplied by power from a Wire, the Signal Sustain will immediately supply power to its output, but when the supplied power is removed, the Signal Sustain will wait a certain amount of time before turning the output power off. The duration is indicated by the position of the white arrow along the black bar. Pressing the button will make the arrow go up slightly, increasing the duration. When the arrow reaches the top, it resets to the bottom. This functionality can be used to make automatic wood cutters.