Silver Axe
Unboxed Boxed
SilverAxeTransparent BoxedSilver
Location Wood R Us
Cost $2,040
Damage 1.6
Range 10 units
Swing Cooldown 0.48 Seconds
In-game Description
"It is said that this axe was forged from the axe heads of one hundred great fallen lumberjacks."

The Silver Axe is an axe that replaced the Beta Axe of Bosses after the Beta Testing Stage ended. Additionally, the chopping speed of this axe is fairly advanced, almost the same as the speed of the Beta Axe.


The steel is colored grey, while the handle is slightly dull-looking and has a grey strap near its base. Its box is colored grey, with a picture of the Silver Axe in a horizontal position.


To aquire the Silver Axe, you must go to the Wood R Us store near the spawning area, and ensure that you have 2,040 Money. Then, proceed to the backside of the store, where you can find a grey box with the picture of the Silver Axe. Grab it, then drag it on the counter, next to the entrance.

Then, talk to Thom, by pressing "E" when the "Talk to Thom" box has appeared. Click "Yes" or press "E" to purchase.

Once the GUI has disappeared, open the box by pressing "E" on it (note that you should stay near the box to open it), and press "E" again to place it in your inventory.


As said before, this axe is an advanced axe with about 95% of the Rukiryaxe power, so making that the third (After the End Times Axe and the Rukiryaxe with both 1.68 power) strongest axe in the game. Obviously, there is also the Fire Axe, but can chop only Lava Wood well.

It can chop every wood in the game except for Phantom Wood and will instead drop out of the player's hand.

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