Single Bed
Unboxed Boxed
Single Bed SingleBedBoxed
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $250 Money
Type Furniture, Chair
Usage Decoration/Roleplay item
In-game Description
"For all your sleeping needs."

The Single Bed, titled Bed in Fancy Furnishings, is bought for $250 Money. This item comes in a brown box with a picture of a single bed on it. This item is a loose item until it is unboxed. When unboxed, the player can place the item on their designated land plot similar to how blueprints are placed. The structure of the bed is rectangular, with a white mattress and a white pillow, the sides and the back of the bed being brown in color. You currently cannot lay down in beds.

To buy this item, the player will navigate their way to the bridge, pay Seranok $100 Money and lower it, then proceed straight along the grey road, make a right turn, and then proceed into the Safari Shopping District, consisting of two stores, Fancy Furnishings & Boxed Cars with their owners Corey and Jenny respectively. The player must go to Fancy Furnishings and then traverse across the store to the furthest shelf on the right side which consists of the Single Bed and Twin Bed. Then the player can buy the item and place it anywhere on their land or on whitelisted properties.

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