Location The Maze
Apparel Torn black jacket and white T-shirt with brown strap, torn black pants, no shoes.
Speciality Unknown
Other Attributes Unknown

Slam, a model created and submitted by faceslam8025, is an NPC located within The Maze. He stands to face a wall at the end of a tortuous tunnel with an abnormally high ceiling. The wall he is facing has a crevice. Players theorized that this means that he knows something about the maze that the player does not, or he has lost his soul in The Maze as Joel suggests. He could also be a troll, or could have been in a fight with someone.


He wears a torn black jacket and white T-shirt with a brown strap coming from his shoulder to his hip, torn black pants, and no shoes.


Direct Statement: "Heh heh. . ."

Talking to him for an hour will not change his dialogue.

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