Location The Maze
Apparel Torn Black Survivor Jacket, Torn, Black Pants, Smile, Robloxian 2.0, Normal Hair
Speciality Unknown
Other Attributes Unknown

Slam, a model created and submitted by faceslam8025, is an NPC located within The Maze. He stands to face a wall at the end of a tortuous tunnel with an abnormally high ceiling. The wall he is facing has a crevice.

Players theorized that this means that he knows something about The Maze that the player does not, or is the subject of Joel’s idea. He could also be a troll, or could have been in a fight with someone, as he appears with a torn attire.


Slam wears a Torn Black Survivor Jacket, and Black Pants. He also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, has Normal Hair, and the Smile face.


  • "Heh heh..."

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