Feed Me person
Location Under Bridge,
Spawn Area Side
Apparel Black pants
'Feed Me' T-shirt
Lightning Fedora
Speciality Easter Egg
Other Attributes No dialogue,
very mysterious

Sorcus is a mysterious character located under the Main Biome's Bridge. He is based on the Roblox Administrator, who is infamous for "trolling" on Roblox. He hosts many April-fools jokes, although he tends to be confused with Games, the actual creator of Easter egg events and event games on Roblox. His apparel consists of plain, black pants, a "Feed Me" t-shirt which has a message on his back, "I don't bite :^" and a lightning-themed Fedora constructed in Sorcus's name. Sorcus appears in a slouched position under the bridge with his hat over his eyes. He appears to be sleeping, but some players theorized that he is dead, despite the fact that he is in such a lifelike position. He cannot be interacted, unlike the other characters.

Possible Reference

As Sorcus is considered a metaphorical "troll" his location may be a reference to the fairy tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff". In it three little goats are scared by a fearsome and hideous troll that lives underneath a bridge.

Behind the Laughter

The joke is that Sorcus is known as a troll throughout the ROBLOX platform, as in an internet troll, and fairy tale trolls live under bridges.

Sorcus appears in the 2015 BLOXYS award show. Video here:


Sorcus in real life at the Bloxxys 2015

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