Location Under Bridge,
Spawn Area Side
Apparel Black pants
'Feed Me' T-shirt
Lightning Fedora
Speciality Easter Egg
Other Attributes No dialogue,
very mysterious

Sorcus is a mysterious character located under the Bridge, on the Main Biome side. He is based on the Roblox Administrator, who is infamous for "trolling" on Roblox. He hosts many April-fools jokes, although he tends to be confused with Games, the actual creator of Easter egg events and event games on Roblox. His apparel consists of plain, black pants, a "Feed Me" t-shirt which has a message on his back, "I don't bite :^" and a lightning-themed Fedora constructed in Sorcus's name. Sorcus appears in a slouched position under the bridge with his hat over his eyes. He cannot be interacted, unlike the other characters.

Possible Reference

As Sorcus is considered a metaphorical "troll" his location may be a reference to the fairy tale "Three Billy Goats Gruff". In it three little goats are scared by a fearsome and hideous troll that lives underneath a bridge. The joke is that Sorcus is known as a troll throughout the ROBLOX platform, as in an internet troll, and fairy tale trolls live under bridges.

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