Spawn Area Sinkage
RobloxScreenShot12132015 083728631

RobloxScreenShot12192015 123915630
Type Anomaly
Location Spawn Area, Near Bridge.
Easy Lemon - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown
Please upload a map!

The Spawn Area Sinkage is an anomaly located near the Bridge.

The Spawn Area Sinkage also referred to as the Spawn Area Depression, Spawn Area Dugout, etc., is a geological anomaly added in on 12/14/15 (noteworthy, it isn't in the changelog). It is located near the Bridge, behind a cluster of rocks where a Good Dinosaur billboard and the Kung Fu Panda 3 billboard once sat on (Left of the River Tunnel entrance).  It is semi-circular in shape. It retains the basic properties as the surrounding mountainside--brown in coloration, slate material. It is about one stud deep and is generally unnoticeable from a distance. It is around evening and morning were the shadows it casts are large enough to be spotted from the gravel road down below. This depression is presumably made with Solid Modeling (CSG).

Within the following days, it was discovered, this particular rock dugout has sparked curiosity among the players of Lumber Tycoon 2. It is located in a place that is normally not visited often, due to the cluster of rocks that separate it from a normal viewpoint, hinting that its location is intentionally placed. If this is so, several theories unfold for this. Upon using Shift Lock to look behind the wall, the player can identify a short tunnel that leads back about 20-30 studs. However, the player will also notice several conjoining tunnel systems, and this particular cavern leads towards the River Tunnel cave system, and it could hint that there could a be a vehicular way into the river tunnel, by terrestrial means.

Test Log

  • On 12/14/15, dynamite was tested on the entrance by a team of 3 players [Names Hidden]. The dynamite had no immediate effect (other than blowing wood debris around). However, the entrance seemed to shift colors and the lighting changed.
  • Recently, a player working alone, unrelated to the above group, took 2 dynamite instead of 1 to the sinkage, exploding both within a minute. It had no visible effect at all.
  • Another player tried to wall glitch through the sinkage, but could not get through.

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