As of October 1st, 2017, Spook Wood has begun to grow. Happy hunting, you guys!

Spook Wood is a type of wood that was introduced during the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Halloween Updates, along with Sinister Wood


The outer appearance of Spook is almost identical to Sinister Wood due to the fact that Sinister trees use the same growth inputs as Spook, though it is modified to possess neon bark with a neon interior (without any color change). Spook Wood, along with its glowing counterpart, are some of the densest trees in the game, sometimes requiring over 150 chops with a Rukiryaxe alone to take down. When the game tries to spawn in, there is a 1/100 chance the Spook Tree will be replaced with a Sinister Tree.

It should also be noted that Spook Wood is extremely heavy, especially in plank form, which may pose certain difficulties transporting. 

*Only works for new and updated servers. Most servers last days, or even weeks. Best to avoid private servers. Most private servers, unlike public servers, are only a few hours old, so there a few chances for spook/sinister to grow large..* 


This tree grows on any material named ground, road, or slate (in ROBLOX Studio). Slate is any rock or cliff in the game, color does not matter. "Ground" is typically grass that trees grow on in their respective biomes, and Road is any road in the game, with the exception of Safari roads (as they are named "Read", possibly due to a typo).

Spook Wood, along with Sinister Wood, typically begins to grow when Defaultio announces "It's about to get spooky" on Twitter. A major misconception about spook hunting is "hot spots" that it grows in. Spook trees and Sinister trees will tend to grow in areas with more parts that it can choose from, typically around the swamp and the mountainside.

During 2015, the Spook tree made a surprising reappearance in December, where players showed screenshots of it spawning. From recent studies, Spook Wood was more commonly found on weekends, although this may be due to many players having more time to hunt.

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