Unboxed Boxed
Boxed spork-0
Location Was at Bob's Shack
Cost Was $10,000 Money
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"Good old Bob never disappoints, except for usually."

The Spork came out of the Acceptable Gift from Bob. The box has a normal wood grain texture, which is the only box with this texture. This is interesting because the unboxed Spork is wooden, but it is SmoothPlastic on the box graphic. The spork, boxed and unboxed, has the Fir Wood / Pine Wood color. The item's ability has not been discovered just yet. For now, it is just for decorating tables or placing it in Dishwashers. Five sporks also appear in the Den along with five plates.


Strangely, when checking this item it appears as a Lump of Coal. If the spork is opened on a new server, it will not allow you to check it, however, sporks opened on old servers and can still press E to check, may be a clue but not so sure or just a bug but there are some theories about spork and coal connections. The Spork's hitbox is also very small, as the spork can commonly be seen clipping through objects and floors.

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