Unboxed Boxed
Boxed spork-0
Location Bob's Shack
Cost Was $10,000 Money
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"Good old Bob never disappoints, except for usually."

The Spork is an item that can be unboxed from the Acceptable Gift from Bob, a gift that was available during the Christmas 2016 event. It is currently used only for decoration.


The Spork comprises of wood, with a color similar to that of Fir Wood. Strangely, the Spork is textured as plastic in its box. It is speculated that Defaultio took a picture of the spork before it was textured in the way it is today last minute.

The spork also makes an appearance in the Den, even before the item in loose form came out.


Strangely, when checking this item, it may appear as a Lump of Coal. If the Spork is opened on a new server, it will not allow you to check it. However, Sporks opened on old servers can still be checked.

The Spork's hitbox is also very small, as the Spork can commonly be seen clipping through objects and floors.